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Our plastering services are based in Ipswich and we take great pride in our work to be able to offer a local service that is

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Venetian Plastering Services from Ipswich

Looking for your home to have a marble look without the expense? Why not get Venetian plastering from the Gold Trowel accredited plasterers at Haydn Plastering. You can bring your home to life and make it feel like a Renaissance villa.

• Eco-friendly green product
• Durable lasting for centuries
• Smooth to the touch with a variety of finishes

From start to finish, our customers are guaranteed the highest quality bespoke decorative finishes.

Venetian plastering adds the wow factor to your interior, with expert and stunning finishes. Lucock plastering adds that touch of class to your project and with a product range so vast the options available to you, the customer, almost seems endless.

The products used by Lucock plastering are the original green solution to your bathroom, shower room or feature wall but to name a few.

Using only the finest authentic Venetian marble Lime products direct from Italy to ensure you get the highest venetian application possible, your ceilings and walls are fully breathable, allowing trapped moisture to evaporate rather than locking it inside the wall like most acrylic finishes and some tiles.

The bespoke designs created by Lucock plastering can be finished in natural, smooth or even textured finishes as we use the latest techniques to ensure you get the best finish possible for your project.

The Venetian products are fire tested, low in VOC’s (making them low in toxicity levels), and are perfect for busy corridors due to their impressive sustainability, making them less prone to cracking and wear than other decorative products on the market. Once set, the plaster is hard as stone, making it a long-lasting product that requires minimal upkeep over the years.

Venetian plastering is used to create stunning finishes, in a multiplicity of colours.

Venetian plastering creates an elegant, smooth finish with the illusion of depth and texture, transforming your interior into something truly sunning.

Venetian plastering is very versatile and we can create bespoke finishes to suit your needs and create an intense focus based on your preferred colour schemes.

Large selection of Italian polished plaster

You can choose from over 100 styles of marble plastering that are all made in Italy.

The stunning finishes you get will protect your walls and seal them preventing damp from rising. Get in touch today to give your walls a touch of class.

Competitive Pricing

You may think that getting that nice straight wall in your living room may cost a large sum of money.

However with Lucock Plastering you’ll get competitive prices with the additional benefit from experienced plasterers on hand to help.

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Plastering Services from Ipswich

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